Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bunnell Family June 08

This was a fun day! I definitely got a work out too :P. Kyla has been wanting me to do their family pictures for a year now and we finally got them done! These pictures have not been edited (reason why you see her bra strap in the picture below, but all prints come with full retouching. Most of the time I catch things like that before the picture is taken but with this little girl we had to snap away and catch what we could. Thank goodness for photoshop so now these things are not such a big deal.

This is sweet little Madi. She is at that age she is feeling very bashful and shy to the camera. She loved playing and running around the park but definitely not posing for me. I love love love these pictures. She looks like a sweet little angel! What a beauty and she has her moms big blue eyes!! Madi, you were a handful but I'll take your pictures anytime. What we got in the end was most definitely worth it. I had such a hard time picking a favorite!! :)

My Best Friends Wedding November 07

With these images I was playing around with silhouettes. I wanted them dark enough to focus on the silhouettes but light enough to catch a tiny bit of detail on the front side.

The Bishops October 07

This shoot was fun and I loved the scenery. We went up Ogden Canyon, (but not too far), the leaves had already fallen and we just barely got what was left of them. I think they were completely gone within a week of this shoot and I'm glad we caught them just in time.

The Mauchley Family October 07

Meet the Mauchley's! These are four of the sweetest, funniest girls you will ever meet! I love them in all their rambuctious glory! :) Having them in my lives is a blessing and brings my boys very much joy. And I love their Mama too! :)

Mandee & Justin September 07

Mandee is such a sweetheart, so friendly and kind to everyone she meets. I'm glad I had the opportunity to shoot her wedding and give her some priceless images for her to remember forever.

Dave & Monicas Wedding August 07

I was not the photographer at this wedding but these were just some candids that I captured. The little girl below is my cousins little girl Hope. Isn't she adorable? Spittin image of her mommy! It had rained and while all the adults tried to stand in the shadow of the temple to get out of the rain the little children decided it was funner to play in it (of course!) I captured these sweet images while she was at play and tugging around her baby brother Ben.